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Why Latin America?

Latin America bets on a green recovery after Covid-19: More renewables will be implemented

South America saw the fastest hydropower growth rate after the East Asia and Pacific region in 2019 with close to 5,172 MW of capacity added

Chile has almost 16 GW and Argentina almost 33 GW of hydropower potential

The region is moving to a diversified renewable electricity mix. Countries like Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador have installed hydropower capacity exceeding two thirds of the electricity share

In 2019, Brazil surpassed China with 4,919 MW of added capacity. Mainly due to the completion of the 11,233 MW Belo Monte hydropower plant

Brazil’s government has included four hydropower plants among the projects that will receive support as part of the country’s new energy investment programme: Bem Querer (650 MW), Tabajara (430 MW), Castanheira (140 MW), and Telemaco Borba (118 MW)

Chile has an ambitious goal of producing 60 per cent of its electricity from renewable energy resources by 2035, hydropower represents 28% ofthe country´s installed capacity

In Argentina´s hydropower represents 28 % of installed capacity

In Paraguay, the 2040 national energy policy aims at using more renewable resources

Uruguay is looking to decarbonize other sectors of the economy by taking advantage of its renewable resources

Peru´s commitment to become energy self-sufficient by 2040, plans on several hydropower plants to enter into operation in the coming years

Bolivia, has a project in the pipeline, the 147 MW Banda Azul hydropower plant. ENDE Corani, the state-owned company, is looking for financiers for the US$300 million investment, with the aim of launching the call to construct it during 2020

Key investment projects in Latin America