Latin America has the cleanest energy matrix in the world and is one of the regions with the greatest potential and hydroelectric growth, but less than 50% of its capacity has developed. There are currently more than 95 hydroelectric projects in the region and demand is expected to grow by up to 3.7% annually by 2040.

The hydroelectric potential represents approximately 20% of the global hydroelectric potential where Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia realize three-quarters of this potential.

According to 2018 data, the region added an energy capacity of more than 12,000 MW, and several thousand MW are under construction and projected in Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, and other countries. The region is also undergoing rehabilitation and expansion of some major projects in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.

Learn more about these projects in development for the construction and modernization of hydroelectric plants in Latin America during the webinar!


Forecasts and new opportunities for growth of Hydropower Plants in Latin America in a 10-year perspective

Most promising projects on construction and modernization of HPPs for development within 2020-2030

First-hand information on innovation and breakthrough solutions for hydropower construction, modernization, and development


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    Evgeniia Georgievskaia
    Director for Science, Center for design and technological innovation LLc

    Topic of the presentation

    Predictive system for the technical state of hydraulic turbines

    Renzo Javier Salazar Vallejo
    Board Member, WEC Peruvian Committee (World Energy Council)

    Topic of the presentation

    Current scenario of the hydrocarbon sector

    Ailin Pertierra
    Chief of the Engineering Department, Dam´s safety regulatory agency of Argentina

    Topic of the presentation

    Dams under construction in Argentina

    Edgar Ivankovich
    Comm & Stakeholders Director, AES Panamá

    Topic of the presentation

    Projects under construction and modernization of HPPS

    Jose Maria Romay
    President, Bolivian National Committee On Large Dams - BOCOLD

    Topic of the presentation

    The Hydroelectric Potential of Bolivia


    Catalina Ayerbe
    Congress Producer
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    Marketing Manager
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    «Hydropower of Latin America:
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