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BMS Hydropower

About the company

BMS Hydropower is a company with 20+ strong team of engineers, technicians who are providing installation services of hydro generators, turbines with all auxiliary equipment.

We are expert of erection, assembling, commissioning in hydropower area. We use our own in-house project managers and hydro installation engineers to manage the project from start to finish. Our own experienced staff always ensures that everything is installed meticulously to guaranty a long and trouble-free life.

About our services:

-Assembling and disassembling of the entire hydro unit.
-Installation and maintenance of the stop logs and spillway gates.
-Installation and repair of the oil high pressure unit, valves and servomotors.
-Installation and dismantling of the turbine.
-Mounting and dismantling the generator.
-Alignment of the unit, installation of the clearances in bearings and rotating parts (turbine sealing, shaft).
-Erection of oil and water pipelines.
-Assembling, repairs and adjustment of wicket, ball, and ring gates.
-Installation and connection of the measurements and unit protections.
-Routine maintenance.
-Commissioning (check list and QA/QC documentation)
-Schedule of works and technological maps.
-Development of sling and cargo transfer schemes.
-Survey and consulting;





Oleksandr Bychkov

International Business Development Director

Andrii Horenchuk

Project Manager

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