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Analytical materials

Report Renewables Latin America: overview and projections 2021

The key findings presented in the report are based on analysis of the survey and in-depth interviews with market influencers. Key points of the report:

- Challenges for the development of renewable energy projects in Latin America
- Ongoin and planned renewable energy projects in the region
-Technological trends for the development of renewable energy projects
-Projections for the development of the sector in the Post-COVID Era

Projects on construction and modernization

The report contains an overview of flagship investment projects for construction and modernisation of hydro, solar and wind industry in Latin America

Facts and Figures

Latin America is one of the fastest growing RES markets in the world. Hydropower is important, as it is a growth driver in the region. Since 2004, investment in renewables has grown eleven-fold. Investment trends attest to the rapid evolution of the region’s energy mix towards a more diversified set of technologies. Chile, Brazil, and Mexico are now amongst 10 major global renewable energy markets.